4:48 AM , 22nd Jan,2020.  

We take immense pleasure in establishing HEALER: [Human Element and Love to Establish Relationships]

With grown-up Children busy in their acquired family, friends and work life, most of the parents today, are totally neglected and live the lives of an Orphan. Do they deserve it? Where is the element of LOVE missing?

Farmers’ suicides are increasingly high with Extremes of Climatic conditions, improper and inefficient supply of Agri products, increasing loans and family burden. Aren’t we amputating our feeders’ hands? Even our mothers cannot feed us food if the farmers do not exist. A ground Reality!

In the name of Love and false promises, many souls are pulled into Flesh Trade. Not only trafficking, lust has also given birth to many infants sprout out in some garbage pit. Where is the element of Trust and Commitment?

Many talented brains do not get to complete their education or exhibit their talent because of poverty and lack of timely support. And we have reality shows with fancy titles like “India’s got Talent”? Where are they hiding? Are we doing something for such young talents?

The main aim of HEALER is to provide right assistance at right time. Our special team is constantly working in identifying such cases and reflects them on this column. We request you to extend your helping hand to contribute for this great cause. Here is the platform. Save Talent! Save Life!

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