4:49 AM , 22nd Jan,2020.  

SPARC (Socio Political Analysis Research Council) has network with many Eminent and Dynamic Senior Journalists Investigation Teams, Marketing Managers and Research Analysis in every Metro city, District and Constituency level. Our team comes with varied skills on research, reporting & analysis making them our main source of energy. In this competitive world, SPARC (Socio Political Analysis Research Council) stands as solution for many socio-political issues. Political, Product, Business Intelligence & Business Analysis, Overseas Studies/Jobs, Central Location Test, Sampling study, Depth Interview, Focus Group Discussions, Audit Survey, Geographical and Property advisory are some of the marketing issues.

Product, Product Duplication, Piracy, Copyright, Genealogy, Missing Persons, Background Verification, Vehicle Investigation, Employment, Insurance, Personnel Investigation, Matrimonial are some of our Investigations